Nowadays, the world has become very fast paced, with people rushing to daily jobs, changing multiple roles and basically absorbed in busy lifestyle. There is hardly any peace inside, people even know it and state they are looking for real happiness but they can’t seem to find it.

The problem starts in misunderstanding that we are the material bodies and happiness can be achieved by satisfying the demands and the needs of the body. But is it really the case, if yes then why there is so much unhappiness, frustrations and quarrels in the world, where everybody is really trying to serve their bodies and extended bodies. The western world has loads of material comforts but still arguably the most unhappy people reside in these countries with plenty of social and individual problems.

So what is the issue here? Why are not everybody happy and satisfied within. What is the missing element? what are the answers to the modern problems in mankind. Have we missed some critical things in our quest for happiness?

If we look into ancient scriptures and bonafide texts of wisdom, we will find that there is sufficient evidence that we are actually not these material bodies. Real lasting happiness can only be achieved by focusing on our real identity and not trying to satisfy the endless demands of the body.

This video lecture by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa explains the real nature and definition of life. He clearly explains the real nature of the life and how the material body is distinct from life itself and cannot be identified as living organism. Life is distinct from matter.

For complete understanding of our real nature and its real function, watch the full identity series.

Once we know our real nature and function, then we can easily know how to be really happy and satisfied. The path to happiness is very clear once we understand our essence. Going back to timeless wisdom from the scriptures, it is said that the meditation on the holy names can give one inner happiness and contentment. What we hear is very important and it influences our consciousness and the mind as well. When we focus on hearing transcendental sound then it has a purifying action on us and thus enabling us to gradually experience peace and get clarity on actual situation of life. the more we hear the sacred sounds, the more we begin to taste lasting peace, contentment, and experience our anxieties being washed away from us.

Here is a beautiful chant by Jagad Guru Chris Butler for you to hear and meditate upon. You will gradually feel the security and comfort in your heart by hearing this.

By regularly hearing these mantras, you will see that your life will be much calmer and pleasurable. You will experience a new impetus to live life with a purpose and clarity. These sacred sounds are not of this material world, but from the eternal dimension. All important scriptures in the world emphasize the hearing and repeating of the sacred names or sounds of the absolute truth.

So for our own benefit and benefit of others, we should take this advice to our heart and try to add hearing and repeating the holy names to our lives. There are so many examples how by even little time spent on hearing the sacred sounds attentively have helped people immensely and have made significant positive impact in their lives. All living entities can benefit from the sacred sounds, starting from the smallest living entities to the biggest, everyone will benefit from sacred sounds coming from authentic bonafide sources. Hear these sacred sounds and let us know your experiences.

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