Global warming, polluted rivers and air, acid rain and so on, we hear a lot of these words recently from the mass media. How bad is it really? Are things really getting out of hand or this is just some marketing campaign to satisfy someone personal ambitions.

I carefully spent some time digging around to see whats really happening to the environment. I can safely conclude that we are heading towards a disastrous future. The media campaigns are showing only the tip of the iceberg, its lot worse than that currently. We are already in trouble, we better act or else it will be too late. Here are some of the recent data about the status of the environment of earth. Get ready to be shocked and surprised. Its really scary, whats going on. I will focus on main elements of the environment, so it will be easier to understand.

Air :

Just few days ago World health Organization (WHO) recently released some data that more than 7 million people are dying every year because of Air Pollution!!! Isn’t that far out? People are dying because of air pollution. 1 in every 8 deaths happens globally because of air pollution. Do i need to say more as to how bad it is recently??

Here is the link to the recent date by WHO on deaths by air pollution. It is getting worse. hardly anyone is paying attention to this. There are no proper air pollution control or management systems in major cities worldwide where the pollution is the most. what to speak of villages or smaller towns. So we have to take individual responsibility and do our bit for the air we breathe.

Plant more trees and use less automobiles will be the easier steps to implement now to reduce the impact on the air we breathe.

Water :-

Every year more people die because of unsafe water than war and violence!! How is that? Water pollution has been a silent killer, so many diseases happens because of unclean water. More than millions gallons of harmful chemicals and sewage enters into the water each year. More than 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year. A recent problem with British Petroleum company caused them to dump billions of gallons of toxic oil into the ocean. Nothing was done, just everyone witnessed the massive oil spill destroying the oceans, water bodies and many future generations of people to come. You can see the repeated history of BP oil spills damages here

So how is that for a start? ready for more ? I will share more details of the hazards caused to the environment in future posts.

Thank you. Hope you get inspired and do something to preserve our environment. If everyone plays a part then surely we will have a better future for the environment and ourselves.