If we look deep within, we will realize that we unnecessarily endeavor for many things and goals which we really don’t need. Such over endeavoring leads to imbalance in natural and social systems. For example, some are after wealth, some are after power and so on. So a corporation run by people who have truly unlimited desire for wealth, do everything they can do earn more and more wealth. Sometimes and often in the process cause lot of problems in social and natural systems. Whether it be cutting millions of trees and so on. We have unlimited consumption desires, so the market forces are working to satisfy those desires. Thus most damage are really because of both the demand side and supply side. If we don’t use plastic then surely corporations will be forced not to use produce them. If we don’t eat ham burgers then surely big fast food chains will stop producing them thus reducing drastically the environmental damage that happens because of that.

The root cause is the inner greed or craving which we all are trying to satisfy in the material dimension. Since the world is only so big, and our desires and infinite, so we will eventually end up destroying the world and this is what we are currently in the process of doing. If we don’t take drastic corrective measures then very soon, the whole planet will be in a very bad state and thus impacting all living entities.

So how do we solve this inner emptiness or problem of craving, which is the root cause of all problems and issues? The answer is 2 fold. First is we have to understand our real nature. 2nd is that we have to find out how can we satisfy our inner craving or how can we be deeply peaceful and live in harmony. If we consider ourselves physical bodies then surely we will believe that if we satisfy our bodies, then we will be happy & satisfied. But there is no evidence or logical conclusion that we are the body. This enlightening video by Jagad Guru explains in depth that we are not the body.

There are numerous mentions about our true identity in scriptures which clearly says that we are not the material body but are spiritual in essence.

So now that we understand that we are not the physical body, and belong to a different energy totally. Then we will need to find out what truly will satisfy us. How can we taste real lasting inner satisfaction. Timeless Holy scriptures have repeatedly mentioned that hearing and repeating the sacred transcendental sounds from bona fide authorities will purify us and help us taste deep happiness and satisfaction.

When we regularly hear these sacred sounds from authentic sources then we will be purified and gradually begin to experience our true essence and position. We will know more and more about ourselves and also begin to experience deep inner happiness, bliss and satisfaction which we always seek in this world. Looking for happiness in material pursuits won’t satisfy the self, since it is not material in essence. So we cannot satisfy ourselves via material acquisitions and achievements.

Hear these soothing sacred music by Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, it will help you to personally experience real lasting satisfaction and happiness.

The more you regularly hear and repeat these sacred sounds, the more you will feel more secure, satisfied and have a clear understanding of your true identity and function. check out this relaxing video with beautiful visuals to give a great experience overall.

These sacred sounds are not ordinary sound vibrations, but are from the eternal dimension and have powerful potency. They have a cleansing effect on the mind and heart thus will purify us. When you focus on hearing these sacred sounds regularly, then we will definitely feel the power and its amazing positive impact it has on us.