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If you take a break and just ponder over what’s going on in this world, you will gradually realize that the environment is getting badly abused and polluted. There is no stoppage to it really. In spite of so many environmental protection groups, changes are very tiny compared to the damages done on large scale to nature. If this goes on for a bit long, then things will get so bad that this whole earth will become a barren desert where not many living entities can survive.

If not for us then at least for the sake of our future generations, we should try to improve the condition of the earth and its natural resources. We can selfishly exploit the earth like this. The consequences will be catastrophic and damaging. The change has to start with each individual entity and then the whole masses will start to change their behavior and attitude towards the nature and its resources.

Will you be the one who will take the necessary steps to improve the earth and its environment or will you just go on watching the brutal exploitation of the earth. Reading the newspaper and saying that things are going bad, its far better to take some practical steps to change the environment and protect it sanctity. Conservation and preservation of nature is not only the work of the government but of all individuals who stay on the earth and enjoy its resources. So lets start with some practical steps on how we can gradually improve our environment and preserve it usefulness.

Tips To Prevent Water Pollution and Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Water pollution is the one thing which can be especially hazardous to the Earth, plants, animal life and human beings. If any of the water source gets contaminated, it could destroy the entire biological networks. Becoming more aware of the water pollution truths could help avoid this damage.

The following tips can help you prevent water pollution:-

1. Reuse Your Motor Oil

Many times, persons empty motor oil down the sewer after performing an oil change which plays a significant role in polluting domestic water supplies. Instead, you can recycle any motor oil which you would like to dispose of.

2. Examine Your Septic Tank

One way of ensuring that you receive clean supply of water around your house is to maintain your septic tank with caution. If you fail to take care of it, the water resulting from the tank may possibly pollute adjacent water sources. Septic tanks, in particular are vulnerable to breeding harmful bacteria. So, make sure to inspect your tank on a regular basis.

3. Know Your Car Wash Choices

You should only use those car washes who ensure that they dispose of their water using such a way which doesn’t affect the atmosphere. Most of the car washes reuse their water. Such a process can both safeguard water supplies and also improve water conservation.

4. Utilize Natural Fertilizers & Pesticides

Pesticides & Fertilizers are among the most general causes of water pollution around the world. If you’ve a garden, try to utilize the available natural options which tend to leave less impact on the atmosphere.

Avoid fertilizers and pesticides which contain dangerous substances. Instead, go with pesticides which contain ingredients such as pyrethrum & insect repellent soap. Additional natural options for fertilizer consist of things like animal dung, ash from wood, & lawn clippings. The fact is, most of these options can supplement the soil much better as compared to the majority of commercial fertilizers.

5. Use Eco Friendly Products

Users must also be watchful of the domestic products they utilize which may potentially affect domestic water sources. For instance, certain types of soap are very unlikely to be biodegradable. Soap which is biodegradable is readily available in the marketplace & will hardly leave any type of lasting sign on water sources after it moves down the channel. Vinegar could also turn out to be a better alternative to bleach & chemical based detergents.

6. Examine your Lawn

The manner in which you clean the lawn could also affect the water quality around your house. The best way to ensure that a domestic water supply is not polluted is restrict grass clippings from entering any nearby sewer. Careful sweeping & selection of your grass can stop this from happening.

Air Pollution

Air pollution contains a variety of gases & chemicals which are being passed into the earth’s atmosphere. It has been among the biggest worries in city areas. The best logical method to lessen air pollution is by driving less in order to consume less amount of fuel. This will surely minimize what you add to the surrounding.

You should also consider the following tips in order to support the environment:

Know Your Car’s State

We all realize that a well-maintained will naturally require less amounts of visits to the gas station. Also, it discharges less amount of carbon dioxide from the air conditioner of your vehicle. To cut a long story short, a car which is well-maintained will help you save plenty of cash. Tune-up your vehicle for at least once each year mainly if you have old models. You may check with your company for fresher car models.

Avoid Smoking

We all realize that smoking is harmful for our health & well-being. What’s more, it is amongst the major sources of air pollution.

Avoid Burning Refuse

Another key source of air pollution is burning waste. Burning plastic & rubber is one of the primary causes of depletion of the ozone layer which plays an important role is protecting us from harmful ultraviolet rays. Instead try to recycle the rubber & bottles.

Clean Filters of your Air Conditioner

Majority of the air conditioning units presently can filter out microscopic contaminants. In addition, a well maintained air conditioner filter will also save you huge amounts on electricity charges. Using a brush & water hose, you can easily clean the vents & grooves of the unit. You must also clean the outer coil with water each month. Furthermore, always see if the filter is blocked.

As an added tip, air conditioners which are ten years or older are likely to consume plenty of electricity. As a result, it is better choice to substitute them & you could possibly save half of your electricity bills.

Here is a simple video made by daily normal people on tips to reduce pollution. I added this to inspire you.

The list is just a beginning, i will be adding lot more to the list to inspire a change and get things moving towards a +ve lifestyle. Making change takes a lot of effort and commitment, things don’t happen easily. We have to make things happen and try to lead by example. I have lots more ideas and actionable tips that can go a long way to saving the environment, hope you also help me here and share your ideas on how you can inspire change. Lets make the earth a better place for our future generations and ourselves instead of exploiting and destroying it.

Thank You


Global warming, polluted rivers and air, acid rain and so on, we hear a lot of these words recently from the mass media. How bad is it really? Are things really getting out of hand or this is just some marketing campaign to satisfy someone personal ambitions.

I carefully spent some time digging around to see whats really happening to the environment. I can safely conclude that we are heading towards a disastrous future. The media campaigns are showing only the tip of the iceberg, its lot worse than that currently. We are already in trouble, we better act or else it will be too late. Here are some of the recent data about the status of the environment of earth. Get ready to be shocked and surprised. Its really scary, whats going on. I will focus on main elements of the environment, so it will be easier to understand.

Air :

Just few days ago World health Organization (WHO) recently released some data that more than 7 million people are dying every year because of Air Pollution!!! Isn’t that far out? People are dying because of air pollution. 1 in every 8 deaths happens globally because of air pollution. Do i need to say more as to how bad it is recently??

Here is the link to the recent date by WHO on deaths by air pollution. It is getting worse. hardly anyone is paying attention to this. There are no proper air pollution control or management systems in major cities worldwide where the pollution is the most. what to speak of villages or smaller towns. So we have to take individual responsibility and do our bit for the air we breathe.

Plant more trees and use less automobiles will be the easier steps to implement now to reduce the impact on the air we breathe.

Water :-

Every year more people die because of unsafe water than war and violence!! How is that? Water pollution has been a silent killer, so many diseases happens because of unclean water. More than millions gallons of harmful chemicals and sewage enters into the water each year. More than 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year. A recent problem with British Petroleum company caused them to dump billions of gallons of toxic oil into the ocean. Nothing was done, just everyone witnessed the massive oil spill destroying the oceans, water bodies and many future generations of people to come. You can see the repeated history of BP oil spills damages here

So how is that for a start? ready for more ? I will share more details of the hazards caused to the environment in future posts.

Thank you. Hope you get inspired and do something to preserve our environment. If everyone plays a part then surely we will have a better future for the environment and ourselves.


If we look deep within, we will realize that we unnecessarily endeavor for many things and goals which we really don’t need. Such over endeavoring leads to imbalance in natural and social systems. For example, some are after wealth, some are after power and so on. So a corporation run by people who have truly unlimited desire for wealth, do everything they can do earn more and more wealth. Sometimes and often in the process cause lot of problems in social and natural systems. Whether it be cutting millions of trees and so on. We have unlimited consumption desires, so the market forces are working to satisfy those desires. Thus most damage are really because of both the demand side and supply side. If we don’t use plastic then surely corporations will be forced not to use produce them. If we don’t eat ham burgers then surely big fast food chains will stop producing them thus reducing drastically the environmental damage that happens because of that.

The root cause is the inner greed or craving which we all are trying to satisfy in the material dimension. Since the world is only so big, and our desires and infinite, so we will eventually end up destroying the world and this is what we are currently in the process of doing. If we don’t take drastic corrective measures then very soon, the whole planet will be in a very bad state and thus impacting all living entities.

So how do we solve this inner emptiness or problem of craving, which is the root cause of all problems and issues? The answer is 2 fold. First is we have to understand our real nature. 2nd is that we have to find out how can we satisfy our inner craving or how can we be deeply peaceful and live in harmony. If we consider ourselves physical bodies then surely we will believe that if we satisfy our bodies, then we will be happy & satisfied. But there is no evidence or logical conclusion that we are the body. This enlightening video by Jagad Guru explains in depth that we are not the body.

There are numerous mentions about our true identity in scriptures which clearly says that we are not the material body but are spiritual in essence.

So now that we understand that we are not the physical body, and belong to a different energy totally. Then we will need to find out what truly will satisfy us. How can we taste real lasting inner satisfaction. Timeless Holy scriptures have repeatedly mentioned that hearing and repeating the sacred transcendental sounds from bona fide authorities will purify us and help us taste deep happiness and satisfaction.

When we regularly hear these sacred sounds from authentic sources then we will be purified and gradually begin to experience our true essence and position. We will know more and more about ourselves and also begin to experience deep inner happiness, bliss and satisfaction which we always seek in this world. Looking for happiness in material pursuits won’t satisfy the self, since it is not material in essence. So we cannot satisfy ourselves via material acquisitions and achievements.

Hear these soothing sacred music by Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, it will help you to personally experience real lasting satisfaction and happiness.

The more you regularly hear and repeat these sacred sounds, the more you will feel more secure, satisfied and have a clear understanding of your true identity and function. check out this relaxing video with beautiful visuals to give a great experience overall.

These sacred sounds are not ordinary sound vibrations, but are from the eternal dimension and have powerful potency. They have a cleansing effect on the mind and heart thus will purify us. When you focus on hearing these sacred sounds regularly, then we will definitely feel the power and its amazing positive impact it has on us.